Million lawyer march to LinkedIn?

According to Larry Bodine, there are now 1,359,590 lawyers with profiles on LinkedIn!   Okay, I’m a geeky data guy and this number seems awfully high to me.  He sources “Apollo Business Development” which appears to be a market research company he co-owns.

When I ran a search in LinkedIn just using the keyword, “Law” I came up with 1,074,531 hits and that term will include lots of non-lawyers.  My search on “lawyer OR attorney” came up with far less.

Larry, can you let us know your methodology for coming up with this figure?

 Update:  Thanks to Larry for explaining (see comment below) how he arrived at that figure which is a very cool tip for determining numbers on LinkedIn.  Unfortunately, I’m not convinced that everyone listing themselves as providing “legal services” are lawyers.  They could be paralegals, marketing consultants, court reporters etc.

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One Response to “Million lawyer march to LinkedIn?”

  1. Larry Bodine Says:

    Hi Randy,
    Your approach was incorrect. Simply go through the steps on LinkedIn to purchase an advertisement. When given the option, indicate that you want to reach members in law practice and law firms. You’ll get the number that way.

    Best regards,
    Larry Bodine, Esq.
    Apollo Business Development
    691 Wingate Road
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

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