Publicizing Twitter account on professional bios?

This is the recommendation of one SEO company specializing in lawyer marketing.  They recommend attorneys include their Twitter accounts on all their print materials including business cards and the like as a way to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

Here are some of the reasons not to do it.

*Looks gimmicky, like you are trying new things for the sake of it.

*Twitter isn’t a utility, it’s a business and as one that’s profitability is questionable.  What if it crashes and burns three months after you plaster your Twitter account all over your collateral?

*How does listing your Twitter account on all your collateral assist in your overall marketing strategy?  If one of your goals is to gain visibility and creditability as an expert on a particular subject area, then it would make more sense to list a blog title that references your expertise.  Unless you’ve created a Twitter account to reflect your expertise, “CAUCCLawyer” then your Twitter account won’t advance your cause.  You also won’t advance your cause if you use to Twitter to vent about traffic snarls and your favorites hockey team. 

*Beware of SEO tactics like these that don’t take into account your overall marketing strategies.  You might be driving people to your site but if they don’t get a positive impression of your practice when they get there, you might be doing more harm than good.

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