Twitter policy for your business?

This article discusses the pros and cons involved in developing a Twitter policy for a business.  The particular focus is avoiding employees spilling embarrassing beans about the company.  The scenarios are very real and provide good coverage the concerns any business would have about loose-lipped employees.  But a Twitter policy?

First, none of these situations are unique to Twitter.   They could happen on Facebook or a blog etc.  While the article is a response to a question specifically about Twitter, its important to education readers that the issues discussed aren’t unique to Twitter.  Some readers may have never blogged or “Tweeted” and would think that businesses need to have separate policies for each kind of social networking when they don’t.

Second, all the scenarios reflect poorly on the employee which is why training is critical part of any social networking initiative.  In particular the question that should be drummed into employees’ heads is: how will your social networking help your career?  Bad mouthing your current employer or fellow employees will never help you to get a promotion or a new job.


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