Branding your legal practice – stand out

Kevin O’Keefe posted about the need for young attorneys to create a brand for themselves and their services. 

He says, “A lawyer’s brand is their expertise, usually in a niche area of the law.” 

This is important – attorneys need to look to their service offerings to differentiate themselves.  Its not enough to be an “employment attorney.”  An attorney needs to narrow their focus to a particular aspect that will make them standout.  For example, “I handle employment contracts for highly compensated employees in medical device sales.”  You may do much more than that, but such a niche will help you stand out.

But expertise is not a brand but a brand-builder. 

You need to create a clear, concise, and memorable message about your expertise and communicate it effectively through graphic and text elements,  incorporate your message into how you talk about yourself at networking events, what you say at presentations about yourself so that you and your message are one.   Its everything that makes someone have a quick, favorable impression about you and your practice.

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