Facebook for solo attorneys?

A recent press release  from a SEO company that focuses on the legal niche promotes the use of Facebook for solos.  Its basic argument is that there are 600 million searches a month on Facebook and those searches take into account where the searcher is located so that local searches will be weighted more heavily.

While I agree that Facebook shouldn’t be completely dismissed, some analysis and strategic effort should be considered first.

  • Like yesterday’s post, consider your market first:  Are the people you want to reach engaged on Facebook in ways that complements your practice?  If you are a divorce attorney or elder care attorney, Facebook might make sense.  If represent nonprofits or start-ups maybe not.
  • What is your marketing message?  If you convey an accessible, open and friendly message appropriate for your potential clients, then Facebook might be appropriate.  On the other hand if you are trying to present yourself as having tremendous practice expertise, as someone who works with businesses on sophisticated deals, then a page on Facebook might convey the wrong message.
  • How much do you want to engage on Facebook?  Having a simple profile and streaming your blog content through it, costs nothing but, if you don’t do more than that and have no “fans” or “friends” then it might send the message that either you are just using Facebook for promotional purposes or that you aren’t a very successful business.  If you are a firm heavily involved in advocacy issues, then starting advocacy groups (like asbestos litigation reform) shows you are involved, could help you get fans/friends and show you are taking a stand, presumably one in line with your practice.

Lesson:  Yes, putting up a profile on Facebook is free and it might make you more visible but you need to decide if that’s the visibility you want.


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