Where do visitors go on law firm websites?

According to this headline, “The Elements that Clients Look for on Law Firm Websites” it “services.”  The fifth most popular was “about us or biographies.”  I’ve worked in law firms and seen traffic reports and this didn’t ring true.  From what I’ve seen attorney bios are where website visitors go first.  So I looked at the survey and it surveyed, “more than 200 buyers of B2B services — in companies of all sizes — to rate the importance of various elements of a service provider’s website.”   Its not even clear these buyers were looking at any attorney websites.

Why does this matter?  Because some services are commodities and some aren’t.  If you are buying tax preparation services, you are looking at the provider like H&R Block.  If you are looking at legal services, you are most interested in the particular attorney providing you that service.  That’s why lawyers have extensive, well-thought out biographies and tax preparers don’t.

Lesson: Don’t blindly extrapolate from surveys.  Check out the fine print.

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