Competitive Intelligence w/ Google “Alert Rank”

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing  writes one of my favorite small business blogs.  I’m hardly alone on that score but its mostly because he provides great tips that often enhance what I’m already doing. 

He recently posted about a service call “Alert Rank” which helps organize your Google Alerts and rank them in terms of relevance.  Its free and easy to set up.  Now if only they can integrate it with IGoogle, I’ll be thrilled.

Speaking of the later, use IGoogle as your Google Alert console and remember you can create multiple pages so if you want one page that just tracks competitors or clients you can do that.  If there is a particular issue you want to stay current on, you can do that too.  As someone who has used a number of competitive intelligence tools that cost thousands of dollars a month, I think the combination of “Google Alerts” and “IGoogle” which costs nothing beats out most of the much more pricey competitive tools out there.

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