Facebook fan page for lawyers?

I recently gave a talk about social networking and lawyers and when it came to Facebook I stayed strictly on the fence.  Here is a post that touts the value of a Facebook Fan page for lawyers/law firms.  So here are my thoughts about the pros and cons:


1.  Makes you more visible on the web.  Recently, it was announced that Facebook gets more search traffic than Google so a Fan page on Facebook can only help your visibility

2.  Extends your website content.  If you have a small website and want give users a chance to see a photo album of your new office or a place to view news feeds appropriate to their needs, then a link out to your Facebook Fan page could be a great add-on to your website.

3.  Encourages potential clients to engage with you.  Facebook Fan pages aren’t static like a webpage.  Fans can make comments, its easy for you to add new content and features in an environment you may already be comfortable in.


1.  Takes more time to make it really valuable.  A Fan page becomes one more thing to manage and it will only attract attention and engagement if it has fresh content people want.  Do you really have the time for that?

2.  Could be duplicative of your website and communicate only a portion of your brand.  Once you direct people off your website, then they will no longer be within your brand – the look and feel of your website and your brand is diluted.  And do you really want to stream your blog both to your website and your fan page? 

3.  If  not kept up, could reflect badly on you.   Like an abandoned blog, an abandoned Facebook Fan page looks sad and forlorn.  There are the three people – all related to you – who signed up as fans.  There are the tabs that when someone clicks reveals blank white pages.   


If you love Facebook and social networking and enjoy learning and exploring, then this might be perfect for you.  If on the other-hand you would do this only as another way to promote yourself on Internet, I think LinkedIn, your Website and blog are still much more appropriate venues.  But as I said in my talk, lets check back in 6 months and see where we are.

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