$9.5 million settlement

I just posted about the latest privacy suit filed against a few days ago and now news of this.  The company is being forced to pay for its practices of enticing potential customers to sign up for a subscription to by telling them that a long lost schoolmate was trying to contact them only to find out after they had paid for membership, that there was no such interested person.  The settlement has two parts: you get a two dollar credit to purchase further services or a renewal or a three dollar cash payout. 

Not surprisingly, the company is not admitting any wrongdoing.

Coincidentally, the company’s president, Steven B. McArthur left the’s employment two weeks ago.


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One Response to “ $9.5 million settlement”

  1. Judith Williams Says:

    I would like a three dollar payment for my disgruntlement with I liked the old version much better than the current one. I had signed onto a message board, social group, or whatever, to join with other book readers. That site has disappeared and that was the one thing I enjoyed the most. Judith Williams

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