Technology gives solos a boost

Kimberly Alderman who is a solo with a freelance legal research business touts the value of new technologies – particularly those of the social networking variety – Twitter and the like to help solos connect online with one another and potential clients.

She is absolutely right to zero in on technology as a key component helping solos to re-invent themselves in a changed legal marketplace where Big Law is an injured animal licking its wounds in the corner.  I would add two things to her comments.

Make your website the focus of your social networking hub as that is where you have maximum control over your message and make sure to integrate face to face networking with the social kind.  If you connect with someone online, invite them to a talk you are giving or networking event that you think would be useful.  If they live outside the area, see if there isn’t someone in their geographical area that you know who they should meet.

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One Response to “Technology gives solos a boost”

  1. Cathy L. Ribble, Certified Paralegal Says:

    You make excellent points concerning social networking. Your network will build faster if you engage in and build meaningful relationships through your posts on social networks.

    I was on The Paralegal Mentor Mastermind call last night and was reminded that we gain referrals when the “Know, Like and Trust” factor occurs through our online social networking. Again, the website and personal blog are the vehicles over which you have the most control.

    Great suggestions for giving value and serving the people you meet!

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