5 five reasons NOT to build your own site

I’ve talked to a number of solo practitioners who have built their own websites.  And some of the sites look professional and convey the right message about the attorney’s practice.   I understand the appeal of doing this: its cheap and could be fun if that’s your thing.  However, I believe that if you are building your website, you maybe missing out on one of your best marketing opportunities in the process.  Here are some things to consider:

1.  Your website isn’t just pages on the web it’s your marketing hub – the central front of your business development efforts.

2.  You need to optimized your website so that it will be visible to people looking for your services.  This requires tools and strategy.

3.  Your website content needs to be comprehensible by your target market and that’s not you.

4.  Integrating social networking into your website platform will engage your visitors.  Can people see your Twitter/blog/LinkedIn pages from your home page?

5.  Professional design will give your website an attractive, contemporary and differentiating look and feel.


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