Attorney bios should focus on benefits

Yesterday, Larry Bodine wrote an excellent post about how to make your website bio talk about how your client benefits from hiring you.  As he says,

A “feature” is what something has, like a car with four doors or a new improved formula. A “benefit” is what it does for clients: “This car has four doors to accommodate growing families.”

Attorneys focus more on their experience as its what they are comfortable with but clients only care about how that experience can benefit them in their specific situation.  Rather than force your potential client to figure out how this experience would or not help them, do that work for them.  Show them the benefits of the work you have done.

This philosophy should extend to the entire website.  Focus on what potential clients can get from visiting your site and ultimately hiring you for assistance.  Don’t make them work to figure that out.  Let them know how you have helped clients like them and then make it easy for them to contact you.

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