Selling LinkedIn for Lawyers – really?

At my presentation on social networking and ethics Thursday, I got several questions about what’s the value of LinkedIn.  Today, I noticed a course directed at attorneys in how to maximize the use of LinkedIn.   Its seems like there is a disconnect as many lawyers hear about LinkedIn but don’t understand why its useful but some of these attorneys think its believe worth paying money to learn more.  What seems to be missing is a sense of 1. what it is and 2. how it can attract business.  Take a course if that’s your style but remember you can do a lot yourself by asking colleagues questions and just spending fifteen minutes a week on your profile.

  • Think of it as InterAction or but bigger: It’s a relationship manager that allows you to instantly know who is doing what in your network.
  • A large network gives you more than lots of “connections” it gives you instant access to people you can refer business to and they can refer to you.
  • It gives you a place to update folks who care about you or find what you write and display valuable to them.
  • Allows you a chance to display your expertise by streaming blog content, linking presentations, answering questions and participating in relevant LinkedIn groups – for example, law school alumni groups often have a LinkedIn group and its used to post jobs, ask for referrals, pose questions.

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