Videos for lawyer websites

Across the web, people are using videos for their websites.  What about attorneys?  Here are some pros & cons.


  • Great if you have a consumer focused practice – for example, it you are an estate planning attorney, what about a short video on the questions you should ask any attorney about drafting a will or trust?
  • Lets potential clients see and hear you.  Good way for potential clients to get to know you
  • Makes your website immediately engaging: visitors just click on your video – no reading necessary
  • Multi-purposing: post your video to Youtube and add an additional way to build traffic to your website


  • Not so hot if you are appealing primarily to other lawyers or professionals who might see it as gimmicky
  • If video doesn’t offer value – just you talking about yourself or just selling yourself with a scrolling phone number at the bottom
  • If the video is poorly shot or you come across awkward, uncomfortable, tense or unattractive
  • If you force your web visitors to watch the video each time they come to your site.  They will definitely stop coming!

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