Starting a blog? content, content, content

Here is a useful article on how to approach starting a business blog. Most of it is completely applicable to starting a law-focused blog.  My only complaint is that it skimps on what is the most vexing issue for bloggers and busy lawyers are particularly prone to this problem: not posting frequently.  So here are my ten tips for not letting the well run dry:

  1. Inventory existing materials; articles, papers, emails to clients and anything you can think of that reveals your writing about your work.
  2. Cut and paste this into one big document.
  3. Go through it and mark out separate and distinct ideas – I’ll bet you can come up with 20 at least
  4. Create editorial calendar for your blog.
  5. Set out two days a week that you will commit to blogging
  6. Now you have 10 weeks of pre-made blog posts but don’t stop there…
  7. Create iGoogle page specific to your blog
  8. Review news feeds relevant to your practice and stream them into your iGoogle page
  9. Use this page to jog your brain for ideas: this new punitive damages law in Missouri – should I alert my audience of CA attorneys?
  10. Create a “tip of the week”  Make it fun but somewhat relevant – best lawyer joke of the week: weirdest court filing etc.

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