Social networking: from paranoia to acceptance?

“The rise of social networking, like all innovations, follows a predictable pattern. There is the initial gee-whiz factor and the blank stares from most people when early adopters enthuse over the latest innovation.  Then there is broader adoption and the ensuing hype over how Twitter is a panacea.  Then a backlash develops based on exaggerated claims, ignorance and fear.  Finally, the technology becomes such a basic part of doing business that it no longer garners unusual attention.  Society by then is on to the next innovation.” Randy Wilson in the Spring 2010, Alameda County Bar Association, The Bulletin

For a long time we have been in the backlash stage of social networking acceptance.  Suddenly, organizations and employers saw the risks and dangers of social networking and failed to embrace its promise.  There were a spat of articles about the need for companies to adopt strict and even punitive social networking policies that were a laundry list of prohibitions.  That made no sense and would often be counterproductive to the business needs of organizations.  How can employees engage prospective customers if they were locked out of the using the tools (Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn) that many of their customers relied on most?

Now it appears that businesses are beginning to get that message and they are training their employees in how to best use these tools to reach out to their markets. And perhaps we are finally getting to the acceptance stage of social networking which will allow us all to freak out about some new technological advancement.  Oh goody!

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