#1 blogging issue: not posting regularly

Here is a good article from Kevin O’Keefe looking at a Wisconsin Law Journal article on lawyers who have stopped posting regularly to their blogs. It’s good because it seriously examines the motivations of the lawyers involved and gives complex reasons for why they have changed or stopped postings.  One of the lawyers stopped because his blog was too successful!

However, I submit that if your blog doesn’t reflect your interests, you won’t stay with it.  You should blog not because its good for business development or because it makes you more visible on the web but because you enjoy learning about a subject and sharing that knowledge.  In addition, you should be ready to keep learning from your visitors and incorporate their information into your blog as well.

I purposely don’t say that you should blog as a domain expert.  That can be part of why people read your blog but blogging is about “now,”  – new developments and issues.  You can use your expertise to add weight, context and perspective on a topic but you further a discussion by blogging not by lecturing from on high.   If that’s what you want to do then write a journal article or give CLE presentation and leave blogging to the eternally curious.


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