Attorney websites – more than driving traffic

I posted recently about the growing trend for lawyers to employ armies of digital workers to improve their Internet visibility and attract new clients.  I’ve had successful attorneys who get plenty of referrals say that they don’t need a website because they don’t want strangers knocking on their Internet door.

What about the poor potential client?

Here’s the thing: when your client comes to you for a divorce, bankruptcy or nasty slip and fall, they are unfamiliar with the legal process and what’s going to happen next, what their lawyer needs to know, how they will be charge etc.  Use your website to give them this information – include a page on your website entitled: “for our 1st meeting” or “What to expect” etc.  That way when a potential client corners you at a party or calls you while you are in the middle of a filing, you can point them to your website and let them read about what they need to know about engaging with you.

Post a video

Video is increasingly popular on the web and the ability to walk a client through that first meeting visually is extremely powerful.

Maybe you don’t want clients from the Internet but your website can ease your clients’ anxiety and make them better informed which will in turn save you time and therefore money.


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