Internet privacy: 14 principles

At a conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy, a group of privacy advocates, computer scientists, lawyers and others wrapped up a conference in San Jose on June 17th, and adopted the following social networkers bill of rights.  Looking them over, I think they are all well and good but the one thing that is missing for me is: ownership. That seems like the most critical issue and makes the rest easier.

Text of Social-Network Users” “Bill of Rights”

We the users expect social-network sites to provide us the following rights in their Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and implementations of their system:

Honesty: Honor your privacy policy and terms of service.

Clarity: Make sure that policies, terms of service and settings are easy to find and understand.

Freedom of speech: Do not delete or modify my data without a clear policy and justification.

Empowerment: Support assistive technologies and universal accessibility.

Self-protection: Support privacy-enhancing technologies.

Data minimization: Minimize the information I am required to provide and share with others.

Control: Let me control my data and don”t facilitate sharing it unless I agree first.

Predictability: Obtain my prior consent before significantly changing who can see my data.

Data portability: Make it easy for me to obtain a copy of my data.

Protection: Treat my data as securely as your own confidential data unless I choose to share it, and notify me if it is compromised.

Right to know: Show me how you are using my data and allow me to see who and what has access to it.

Right to self-define: Let me create more than one identity and use pseudonyms. Do not link them without my permission.

Right to appeal: Allow me to appeal punitive actions.

Right to withdraw: Allow me to delete my account and remove my data


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