Not your father’s WordPress

It amazes me the number of tech-savvy people that aren’t familiar with WordPress.  Even though it has taken the web by storm, making blogging cheap and accessible, powered into the website development space, turning websites into what they should be – a marketing communications tool, many people don’t know how its changed the web.  So here are five ways that WordPress has been misunderstood.

WordPress is for your “Crazy Pet” blog: WordPress isn’t just for the amateur.  While you can use WordPress successfully for loading your sunning cat photos, it heavily used by small, mid-size and even large company blogs AND websites.

WordPress is only good for small websites: Not so – check out the WSJ Magazine website that uses WordPress.  Not convinced?  BestBuy runs a WordPress site for its 1000 plus stores.

WordPress is a hosting company like GoDaddy: No, WordPress acts as a platform that works off GoDaddy and many other hosting company servers effortlessly.  Wordpress has a public site that hosts blogs and websites for free but these websites have extreme limitations in terms of design, plug-ins, URLS and SEO.  Wordpress also has a downloadable version that you would run off your hosting company like GoDaddy.

WordPress requires HTML coding: Nope.  If you can use Office Word, you are ready for WordPress.

WordPress offers a very limited look and feel: Check out the WordPress Showcase if you think that it offers a bunch of cookie cutter templates.

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