Give talks? Make sure your website knows it

Its easy for busy attorneys to get focused on one thing and forget to link up their seminars with their website.

Here are five tips on how to make your website support your presentations:

1.  Let people know about the event on your website – even better let them sign up for them online!

2.  Give people an incentive to sign up for an event on your website and refer others to do the same (offer $5 dollar Starbucks card for people who sign-up online).

3.  Take photos at the event and post them to your events page.  This will entice people to come.

4.  Even better post a two minute video of yourself talking at the event – this will give people a taste of what you offer.

5.  Offer people who come to your event a private log-in page where they get a password to access valuable material you discussed at the event if they give you their email.

Pretty soon you have a community of people who you can reach out to with newsletters and special invitations, reducing the need for so many expensive direct mailers.

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