If state certified – Promote it!

I am surprised at the number of attorneys who don’t make a special effort to promote the fact that they have been certified as a specialist by the State of California (other states have similar programs).

What does certification mean?

  1. Passed an additional exam focused on that speciality
  2. Fulfilled additional continuing education requirements
  3. Been favorably evaluated by attorneys and judges in that field

This is a big deal and it puts attorneys with these credentials ahead of the vast numbers of attorneys who don’t have them.

How to promote:

Educate the public that this isn’t like “super lawyers” which is basically marketing fluff.  Explain on your website and whenever you promote yourself make it clear that the State Bar which is very strict about credentialing has approved your certification.  I would also use the legal specialization logo on your collateral, website, social networking sites etc. to help identify you with this prestigious designation.

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