Law firm launches iPhone app: why?

Gouston & Storrs has announced that it’s launched a new iPhone app that, offers a convenient way for clients to gather customized information on the most current business topics, directly from an iPhone.”

This seems to me an example of technology driving marketing.   Here’s why:

1.  How does Gouston’s ability to customize information on business topics assist its clients?  There are plenty of apps that customize business news so its hard to see how this app has any real value.

2.  How does this “app” build Gouston’s brand?  Why not offer a practice specific app that focuses on real estate legal developments in New England?  That would help people associate Gouston with a specific practice strength.

3.  The press release talks about Gouston’s “clients” but the app is free and available to anyone.  There is no value-add here for Gouston’s clients.

4.  “Free app.”  If this iPhone app is anything more than a marketing initiative, charge for the App and give clients a code to access it for free.


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