iPhone 4 inquiry: engaging visitors on website

The law firm of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, a Plaintiffs’ firm in Sacramento has wisely initiated an investigation into the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems that is causing dropped calls.   The firm also is wisely featuring this investigation on its home page and getting publicity for it.  However, how it is utilizing its home page to make the public aware of its investigation, is pretty weak.

1.  On my Safari browser, I had to scroll to find the announcement. If getting people engage with a current topic on your website is critically important, make the notice very visible.  use the upper portion of the homepage for important news.

2.  The announcement is made without use of bold in normal size print. People associate large type and bold with current information.  We assume that if something is important, then it will be prominent.  Such is not the case here.

3.  Why just have a brief sentence: “Looking for information about the iPhone investigation?” that provides no context for the issue? Why not start off with, “Your new iPhone 4 dropping calls?  Click here to learn about our investigation.”

This is another example of lawyers assuming that their website visitors are like them and that they read everything on a page.  This isn’t the way most people read websites.  They scan and glance at pages.  If you want to engage your visitors quickly, make sure you give them visual cues like big, bold font and eye-catching statements.


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