Small law firm hires social media guru

A small plaintiff’s firm, Tully Rinckey announced its hiring of a social media coordinator who the managing partner says, “wasn’t hired to play on Facebook.”  Glad that’s clear!  Why did they hire the coordinator? “His job isn’t only intended to promote in-house developments and attract new clients, but also educate the public.”

Missed opportunity

This is an example of a law firm engaging in technology driven marketing.  Because social media is “cool” and newsworthy, the firm decides to publicly announce the hire of support staff.  This wouldn’t happen if they hired a new secretary or public relations coordinator but its different with a “social media” coordinator.

Why are other lawyers the audience for this press release?

It appears this announcement is meant for the legal community as I found it on JD Supra, a legal industry publications website.  The announcement isn’t on the home page or the firm’s Twitter feed so this announcement isn’t for its clients and prospective clients.

Why not focus on the public?

Its hard for me to understand publicizing this to the legal community.  Is it an ego thing?  “Let’s show other attorneys how hip and cool we are!”  Tully Rinckey could have made the announcement in a completely different way.  For example:

“Because Tully Rinckey understands that more and more, people are getting their information through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we have  hired a social media specialist whose primary responsibility will be providing the public with valuable information about protecting and promoting their legal rights.”


If a law firm is going to the trouble of developing a press release about a new hire, make sure that the message is relevant to its core market.

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