Beware of the SEO trap

Kevin O’Keefe posts insightfully about the dangers of blogging merely for SEO (making yourself highly visible in search results for relevant topics).  One of the points he makes is that when lawyers blog for SEO, they trash their reputation.  Don’t simply repost and plagiarized , rely on SEO tricks of seeding your crappy content everywhere so your blog is highly visible because guess what?

If you have nothing to say and everybody knows it, this won’t help you get quality work.  But you ask, how will I have time to regularly create quality posts and have a practice and a life?

Think of blogging as a participating in a conversation.  You pick an issue or range of issues to write about.  You read what other people have to say about these topics, you scan the current news, you rely on your pre-existing database of writings on the topic and you converse. When we talk we shouldn’t go on and on about a topic, preventing other people to get in a word.  Instead we make a couple provocative statements or share an insight and we wait for someone else to response.  Then we respond to that comment and so forth. That’s blogging – its creating a conversation and participating in a community, adding your voice to mix.

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