Twitter wars – O’Keefe vs. Bodine

Its not Tunney vs. Dempsey or even King vs. Riggs but two legal marketing gurus take widely different views of Twitter.  Larry Bodine’s view of Twiitter is that its a fad, not worth investing much time or energy while Kevin O’Keefe just blogged about what a great value it is for attorneys engaged in business development.

Acting as a referee in the clash of legal marketing titans, I see both sides so here are my pros and cons:


*Allows you to create your own community of followers

*Can disseminate valuable legal updates through Twitter quickly and easily

*Can interact quickly and easily with others of similar interests

*Makes you more visible as a “thought leader”


*Building virtual relationships takes time and not always easy to determine if its the best use

*Don’t see a lot of casual interactivity on Twitter, seems like you have to live there

*Doubtful that attorneys will adopt Twitter en mass – I’ve seen lots of eye-rolling amoung attorneys when discussing it

Take-away:  While Twitter isn’t a panacea, its well worth exploring and at the very least set up a profile – it free and easy and will give you street cred!

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