More on HITECH rules that impact HIPAA

Part 2 of the Information Law Group’s analysis of the new HITECH rules covers a lot of  new ground.

Covered entities’ business associates must adhere to privacy rules

One of the big takeaways is that “covered entities” (health plans and the like) must include in their agreements with subcontractors stipulations that the subs will comply with HIPAA security and privacy provisions to the same degree as the covered entities.


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2 Responses to “More on HITECH rules that impact HIPAA”

  1. Jack Anderson Says:

    HHS also plans to make the following change
    “the covered entity remains liable for the acts of its business associate agents, regardless of whether the covered entity has a compliant business associate agreement in place”.
    So they are making it clear that everyone must comply with or without agreements in place.

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