Why we build lawyer sites on WordPress

One word: plug-ins

Actually there are many good reasons to use WordPress as the platform for building websites: WordPress makes it easy for users to update their own sites, its an open source platform that is constantly being updated and refreshed, provide great flexibility in design and solid information architecture.


But to me the greatest value in launching a website in WordPress is being able to quickly take advantages of Internet developments to update your website instantaneously.  There is no reason to let your website grow stale and tired because by staying abreast of new plug-ins, you can make sure your site looks current and compelling.

Two examples

1.  Say you have a bunch of social networking links on your homepage.  You set them up a couple years ago and already they look dated. The plug-in “Sexy bookmarks” (name can be changed for family friendly websites) allows you to instantaneously spruce up the look and feel of your social networking links in about five minutes.  No need to hire a programmer, designer and project manager.

2.  You have to blog but you are afraid that during trial, your posts will dry up because you will totally absorbed in the case.  The “editorial calendar” plug-in allows you to set up an editorial calendar within WordPress to manage upcoming posts that you’ve written but want to stagger releasing.  Now you can schedule blog posts over a period of months if you have a backlog and they will publish to your blog automatically.

This way you can have your trial and your current blog too.

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