Social networking – strategy, strategy, strategy

Here is the rationale from “Legal Expert Connections” about why they are making their social media consulting services available to law firms.

“Social networking is now an essential element in any law firm Internet marketing campaign.”

I don’t question the truth of this statement but I doubt that many attorneys make that assumption and I believe it contributes to the concept of marketing by hype. If you say something is true enough, it becomes so even when no one has looked at the supporting evidence. I believe you have to start the conversation at a different point.

Hit attorneys where they live

“Do you write articles for law journals? Does it take months before your article is published? Do you have to pay for the reprint rights so that you can send it around to clients via email? Consider writing a blog where your insights are immediately published to the Internet and allow you to reach out to prospective clients in a timely manner with no editorial board to please or pay!”

Use case approach

Focus on what attorneys do now for marketing and business development and show them how social networking can save them time and money in reaching out to potential clients.

Makes sure social networking initiatives aren’t based on hype

If attorneys start with transforming their current marketing into social networking marketing, that can do a couple things: help the attorney see whether their current marketing efforts make sense and two – allows social networking directly address a marketing need they recognize.

Otherwise – hype city

Helping attorneys setup Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, creating pretty logos for blog sites might make them feel like they are doing something in the short run but it won’t help them understand how marketing works and how they can make their marketing work with social networking in the long run.

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