Glance-readable Law Firm Websites

Lawyers are trained to write carefully and precisely.  This is based on the idea that the reader is a judge or opposing attorney reading with extreme care.  But Internet readers don’t read websites carefully. Studies show that 78% of people reading web-pages do so at a glance.  Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for how to accommodate this kind of reading:

Tips for Glance-ready Content

  • Be generous with text headers: For example, the one above wouldn’t be necessary if I was writing a memo but here I want the reader to zoom into the important information quickly before he clicks to another website.
  • Use lots of white space: people can’t scan long, dense paragraphs.  So make sure your pages are easy on the eye.
  • Create bullet lists whenever possible. This allows the eye to quickly scan and comprehend content rather have to first determine by reading a paragraph that there are several point being made.
  • Bold, underline, italicize whenever possible. This helps readers to quickly comprehend the really important information.

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