Hate networking? – Change approach

Many people and, lawyers especially, would rather have a tooth pulled than go to a networking event.  I use to feel that way myself so I speak from experience.  What I disliked was having to sell myself, feeling that the only reason I was at a networking event was to get people to hire me.

Wrong Approach

The fact is I enjoy learning about what people do – which is a lot of what networking is.  Learn what people are up to and what they need – in their business or personal life.  Then instead of looking only for cues that can help me get business, I look for cues to help people find services and products they need.

People I Trust

Then because I’m in a Business Networking International chapter and I have first hand experience of people offering products and services in a wide range of areas, I can listen for ways to match up the person I’m talking to with people in my networking sphere who I know and trust.

Networking Becomes Fun

First, because I have plenty of things to talk about and I can bring together people with needs with people with services and products to offer.

How I benefit

I’ve made a connection with the person I’ve met who now realizes I’m not just selling them on my services but that I’m a a good listener, a trusted resource and someone worth knowing.  The people I’ve referred business to, now have a more powerful reason to learn about my offerings to refer appropriate people they meet, to me.


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