Re-thinking workers & social media

Here is another article about what NOT to do on social networking websites.  I think this is the wrong approach.  Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of social networking, why not turn it into a positive?

Encouraging Employees to Show Initiative

Many employees have aspects of their jobs that they simply don’t have time to explore at work.  Social networking and blogs now allow workers to become or display their expertise in this area through social networking.  Encourage employees to become resources on topics that impact the workplace.  For example, if  someone is concerned about the company’s disaster preparedness, encourage them to start collecting news about the topic, start a blog on the subject, share the information on their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Instructing Employees in the Proper Use of Social Networking – Win – Win

Not only does this encourage an employee to become an expert on a subject that is useful in the workplace but they will become expert in the use of social networking – understanding the pitfalls and the tremendous upside as well.


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