Blogging Litigation – Don’t be scared

The media is picking up on a new trend involving litigation involving blogging.  Note the deceptive headline for this Wall Street Journal Law Blog post, “Blogging a Hotbed of litigation.”

Hotbed – Really?

The article points out a few lawsuits involving comments, websites and bloggers.   The article cites no example of an identifiable blogger who wrote an opinion about an issue or person in a responsible way (no name-calling, curse words, or threatening or harassing language) that has been sued.  Instead they are focused on the extremes – anonymous commenters, threatening or derogatory language and the like.

There are millions of bloggers posting millions of posts a day and these few examples constitute a hotbed?


If you are blogging professionally as a lawyer use the same level of common sense and restraint that you would use for all business communications.   Remember, not only will this help you avoid lawsuits but it also makes your blogging more credible and trustworthy and that is the most important thing.

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