Socialize Your Website with WordPress

In the Facebook rather than Stalinist sense.  Increasingly websites need to be built like airports to accomodate the ever present “change” that is the web.

Social networking coming to websites everywhere

For example, increasingly people are creating websites as interactive tools to exchange ideas with clients, prospects and the like.  You may want a forum on your site so that visitors can exchange ideas and even chat.  Perhaps you even have a Wiki section of your website where you allow visitors to create resources for you because they are so motivated by your ideas that they decide to build on them.

WordPress to the rescue

If you sign up for a website using a platform that is difficult to extend or modify without development cost, then this future is barred to you unless to plunk down some serious cash.  However, if you are on a WordPress platform, there are plenty of plug-ins that can make this future possible for your website.  Here are some examples.

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