Focus, focus, focus

Attorneys are often reluctant to use their website to focus their practice.  Here is an example:

“Jeff Smith handles divorces, civil litigation matters, bankruptcies  and DUIs.”

Now an example of the same attorney focusing his practice.

“Did you get hit with a divorce, bankruptcy or DUI?  Jeff Smith has decades of experience assisting distressed clients with these unhappy circumstances.”

What’s the difference?

The first is a catalog of what Jeff does.  It doesn’t identify a potential client or the situation that might drive the person to Jeff’s website.  Now Jeff might say that by leaving out “civil litigation” this message eliminates many other things that Jeff can do. But by focusing on a potential client’s distress and his ability to help, a potential client with a different but still distressing legal issue is more likely to identify Jeff as an attorney that can help him or her out with a foreclosure, workplace conflict etc.

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