Blogging Your Way to SEO

John Jantsch in Duct Tape Marketing gives 7 ways to acquire links to your site and improve your SEO.  Here is what he has to say about the power of blogging,

“Without question creating a blog and consistently writing keyword rich content is the number one SEO activity for the small business. (For any size business) This is no longer something to debate, blog content will improve your chances to compete in the search engines many times over and draw links from other blogs and sites that syndicate content.”

Kevin O’Keefe picks up on this and reminds us that, “Though I don’t believe high search rankings should be the leading reason for publishing a law blog, your publishing a blog may be your single best way of achieving high search engine rankings as a lawyer or law firm.”

Not mutually exclusive

If you write a strong blog for your niche, then searches for topics will show up prominently in Google search results.

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