Should Lawyers Tweet?

More than a year ago, I wrote a similar post, arguing in favor of Twitter as a way of creating a targeted community of followers despite the fact that many people had signed up for Twitter but rarely used it.  Now comes new ammunition in the form of this article that surveyed actual attorneys in the in-house legal community who favor Twitter.

Value of Twitter?

According to a responses from in-house attorneys who tweet, there were several strong reasons for engaging in Twitter – ability to follow legal developments in real time, learning about what other in-house counsel were thinking and getting a chance to see the personal side to lawyers.

Meanwhile 76 of the Amlaw 100 have Twitter accounts but nearly half haven’t tweeted once.  Also I wonder how many of those accounts are simply a generic law firm Twitter account and not a real person.  I think solos or individual attorneys have a huge advantage on Twitter over the monster law firms.   Twitter like social networking general is about individuals conversing not PR firms churning out press releases.

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    […] the survey found that nearly half have not tweeted once.  Taking it a step further, in his blog, Randy Wilson wonders “how many of those accounts are simply a generic law firm Twitter account and not a real […]

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