Teen Suicide – Impulsive Tweeting Can Kill

I don’t think it was the webcam that caused the spied-upon teen to commit suicide it was the tweet about the cam allowing people to view him in private that caused the humiliation that drove him to jump off a bridge.  And now the teen who sent the tweet is in terrible trouble all because of poor impulse control.

Key to Social Networking Dangers

It use to be the news media acted as an experienced gate-keepers that made the calculation about what should be published.  Now everyone has the power to publish and that power is intoxicating.  For young people or people under tremendous stress, this power is very hard to resist even when it proves criminal, the subject of civil litigation or just the public humiliation for spouting off stupidly.

Employer Beware

Employers who need to terminate employees and want to craft severance agreements that cut their losses need to keep in mind the potential power and unhappily terminated employee has.  This article suggests including prohibitions on using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to broadcast any of the terms of a severance agreement.  A stressed out employee might reconsider lashing out at an ex-employer if he or she sees “no tweeting” listed expressly in his exit agreement.

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