Lawyers – Have a Person Answer Your Phones!

This post from Kevin O’Keefe is a cautionary tale for attorneys.  One of the biggest complaints about lawyers is that you can never get them on the phone and may wait days for a return call.  Now the ABA is touting a technology that will allow clients to automate scheduling an appointment.

Voice mail hell

Clients get the fun experience of entering their client number and a password in order get the joy of listening to automated prompts to schedule their – possibly – urgent meeting.  This is not good client service.  Typically, legal clients aren’t particularly happy campers, they are dealing with a lawyer because something is not working and they desperately need help.  Hence they are stressed out and need a human voice to make them feel better.  A calm, professional receptionist who can field their call appropriately is a big plus – for them and for the lawyer.

Don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated receptionist?

I’ve never made a service recommendation in my blog but I’m making an exception here because I so strongly believe in this company. Reliable Receptionist offers an off-site receptionist that will know your business, talk directly with your clients and prospective clients and appropriately field the incoming calls.  If all the client needs is to schedule an appointment, Reliable Receptionist can do that.  If a client or prospective client is in dire need of talking with you, they can make sure you as the attorney know this and can answer call immediately if that’s what’s required.

I have been to their offices and watch their receptionists work, seen how they capture vital information both about an attorney’s practice but also about their clients and prospective clients.  They do not just answer the phone and take a message – they are a proactive, professional staff that make clients and prospective client feel heard and cared for.

So instead of investing in a new automated phone scheduling system, do yourself a favor and give Reliable Receptionist a call and check out a much better alternative.

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