Do you know where your ESI polices are?

According to this survey, only 38% of organizations have tested their ESI (Electronically Stored Information) policies and 45% have no idea whether they have been tested or not.  This could be particularly problematic with information relating to social networking.

Difficult Scenario

An organization has enabled it’s sales team to create Twitter accounts for themselves to improve visibility and responsiveness to client or potential client needs.  The organization doesn’t have a policy for how employees should set up the email for these Twitter accounts and some employees decide to use a personal account.  If a legal issue arises related to that employee’s use of Twitter, how will the organization gather the relevant data that might be stored only in the employer – or perhaps by this point, ex-employee’s – personal email host?

On the other hand

Do organizations always want employees using their work domain for social networking traffic?  Particularly if employees are commingling personal and business information in their social media correspondence.  Clearly, each organization much look at these issues thoroughly in order to wade through the increasingly muddy social media waters.


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