When Will a Potential Client Contact You?

This article talks about how to attact your ideal client as lawyer.  The author, Matt Hohman, a practicing attorney,  does a good job of describing what an attorney should be doing to attract such a client to their business.

He also does a good job of describing the new competitive realities in the age of social networking.

I would add the following to his analysis:

  • Identify specific types of services for your practice – if you are family law attorney, describe specifically how you assist client with a divorce.
  • Identify the specific scenarios, a client in need will come to your website, Facebook page etc. and write your descriptions in a way that speaks to them.  Again, if you help people going through a divorce, write simply, compassionately and helpfully about how you work with clients.  Don’t talk about your mediation or conflict resolution services, talk about how you believe in taking  some of the stress out of divorce.  How you make it easier for your clients to move on with their lives.

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