Join Cal Bar on Facebook & Twitter

Congratulations to the State Bar of California Sections and California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) for establishing a Facebook page and a Twitter presence.  This is a great avenue for disseminating information about CLE, pro bono and other vital legal information.

What about e-circles?

Almost a year ago I wrote about e-circles, the State Bar’s nice and expensive looking lawyer-only social network and how it doesn’t get much use.  My review of it today supports that belief – still not much activity.  And now the State Bar has taken another social networking initiative without any apparent integration between e-Circles and its Facebook and Twitter presence.

Come on guys!

Whether you are a State Bar Association with hundreds of thousands of members or a solo practitioner, start with a social networking strategy and don’t engage in random acts of social networking.  If the Facebook and Twitter channels were integrated into e-Circles this could promote attorneys to join e-Circles because attorney would love to get special recognition in the greater world of social networking. AND e-circles would become a more dynamic venue by future of having the Twitter and Facebook feeds coming into that site.

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