Lawyers Who Tweet

A shout out to Jim Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing for his always helpful blog.  I had heard about Facebook’s new group feature but until Jim provided his insight I didn’t see it’s value.

A Group for a Select Subset of Friends and Colleagues

I have wanted a place to talk about the emerging ethical issues lawyers face with social networking.  The law and ethics are behind the times and we as lawyers need guidance and I want a place that can allow that to happen.  I could use LinkedIn but I feel like Facebook has dynamic quality to it that LinkedIn lacks.

Hence Lawyers Who Tweet

I’ve created a private group on Facebook that I hope will be a place that lawyers can feel comfortable discussing these issues without having thoughts, doubts and questions made public for all the world to see.  If interested, you need to do two things:

1. Friend me (its not exclusive to lawyers but anyone interested in the legal and ethical issues involved in social networking)

2. Ask to join “Lawyers who Tweet” and I’ll add you to the group!


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