Law Firms: Videos should be Client-centric

Cummins and White, a small insurance defense firm has launched a smart-looking, video-centric website.


  • Clean looking with lots of white space and glance-friendly
  • Integrates social media on the homepage – links to Facebook and YouTube
  • Lawyer bios are well-designed with rich content including videos featuring the attorney


  • Videos are all about the law firm. They even have a YouTube Channel which again is focused on the firm.  Clients and potential clients would be very interested in latest developments in specific areas of law that impact them or things clients can do to work more efficiently with their attorneys.  Is anyone (besides the principals) really going to watch 15 videos about how great Cummins & White is?  I don’t think so.
  • Why not include LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook links on the attorney bio pages to give clients and potential clients a window on the attorneys?
  • What about disclaimers? I didn’t see any – not associated with the contact form nor associated with the testimonials – these are California attorneys and the California Rules of Professional Conduct state that testimonials need to be accompanied by a statement letting people know that these testimonials in no way suggest a positive outcome in new matters.

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