Attorneys: Reach Out to Small Biz

Here is an interesting post from Legal Marketing Blog about how 51% of small businesses avoid hiring lawyers because they fear the cost yet 25% believe legal issues are the biggest risk to their business.  Obviously there is a disconnect.

How to Market to Small Businesses

1.  Let them know you welcome small businesses as clients

2.  Join Chamber of Commerce, a BNI chapter and other small business hubs

3.  Offer set fees for common legal tasks

4.  Write a blog focused on legal issues in a particular small business sector

5.  Make sure you include all this in your website messaging!

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One Response to “Attorneys: Reach Out to Small Biz”

  1. elainebetts Says:

    Hi Randy,

    to continue your topic there is so much information availble on the interenet, many business owners believe that they are ‘doing the right thing’ because they have found what they think they need on the internet. As a mamnagement consultant I frequently steer business owners to attorneys. I would love to see more attorneys having blogs with easy guides of information which make business owners more compelled to reach out for guidance.

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