Lawyers & the Twitter Backlash

I just ran across a couple of lawyers complaining about Twitter or more accurately about how Twitter is being used or misused.  Here are the major complaints as I see them:

  • Fake lawyers use it to get clients to pay them for their social networking advice
  • Twitter is a giant echo chamber for the same articles to get re-tweeted to death
  • Attorneys can’t establish successful practice through Twitter
  • That Twitter “friendships” are worthless
  • That what gets tweeted is worthless

Why so Extreme?

I totally agree that Twitter won’t save mankind, attract clients through typing 140 characters or encouraged legal thought capable of creating new legal doctrines.  But who said it would?  These lawyers disgust at Twitter reeks of apostasy – former believers who are angry at being duped into believing they were saved.

Here Is What Twitter Can Do for Lawyers

  • Twitter is a free outlet to share blog posts.
  • Twitter is a way to develop a community of like minded people – and no don’t expect any of them to be the best man at your wedding.
  • Twitter is a way to quickly learn about fast breaking news in a particular niche
  • Twitter can allow someone interested in hiring you to check out what you say and whether it is useful to them.
  • Did I say that its free?

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