Welcoming Social Media on Corporate Websites

Nearly 50% of corporations are making social networking integration into their website objective #1 in 2011.  One of the problems even the largest companies have had is pushing website visitors off their website into Facebook or Twitter rather than using those social networking tools within the framework of their website.

What about law firms?

I don’t think 2011 will be the year of such integration for lawyers or law firms.  They are just beginning to adopt social networking period, let alone promoting it on the homepage of their websites.  Check out Amlaw 100 websites and you will see only a few that have Facebook or LinkedIn icons on their home page and this is only the most minimal of integrations.

Not All Bad

As service providers, law firms don’t immediately benefit from easy brand loyalty like a Nike or McDonald’s so being thoughtful about approaching social networking is smart.  However, on the other side, law firms are all about delivering content to clients and prospective clients and social media is a terrific niche content delivery tool so they need to be strategizing about how to take advantage of it – the sooner the better.

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