NLRB to Rule on Employee Social Media Rights

Earlier this month I posted about the NLRB advocating on behalf of an employee who chose to rant about his employer on Facebook.  It looks like an NLRB administrative judge will make a ruling as to whether the company has the right under its social networking policies to restrict an employees right to talk about the workplace online.

This article points out the central issue in the case as it applies to social networking policies.  Obviously, employees have the right to rant amongst themselves in person about their employer.  But does an employee have the right to rant on Facebook about their employer where its possible for all the world to see?  Does the First Amendment protect workers in a such a case?  And even if it does protect their rights, is an employee undermining their own best interests by doing so?

Stay tuned – the NLRB judge will be hearing the case on January 25, 2011.

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