Intel: Carving out a Social Media Niche

This is an interesting article on how Intel is approaching social media and what its concerns are moving forward.  Here is a quote that makes me curious to know more:

The Social Media Center of Excellence is part of the marketing strategies and campaigns team. We report to Nancy Bhagat, VP of sales and marketing, and then ultimately to Deborah Conrad, our VP and chief marketing officer. Our role is to drive strategy, enablement and, to some extent, activation for social media at Intel. So we manage the guidelines and the governance, making sure that social media practitioners all around the company—both in the corporate marketing group and in the other business units—are up to speed on the latest guidelines. For example, they need to represent the fact that they are with Intel in their Twitter handles and their blogs. So we do a lot of training and education.

On the issue of having employees identify themselves on Twitter as being with Intel, I wonder if the company also mandates that the employees use an Intel domain email address in order to comply with electronic discovery rules?

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